Get Fokus'd Productions WINS 43 North: Ignite Buffalo - People's Choice Award!

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Big WIN for GFP!

This pass summer, Get Fokus’d Productions won the Ignite Buffalo - People’s Choice Award….. $100K!

During this busy season in my life there have been moments of restlessness moving at a fast pace from one place to the next. However, in the midst of these ebbs and flows there’s always room for pleasant surprises that give me the boost I need to keep going even though I am often too busy to take time to pause and reflect on my work. Well, I’ve had the opportunity to take a deep breath and pause to deliver this big announcement to you that will forever change my life and my company.

43 North, a non-profit organization based in Buffalo, NY awarded a total of $1 million dollars through their startup competition for small businesses. The application process was challenging, however with encouragement from a close friend through calls and texts, I persevered and submitted for this opportunity. Out of 477 small businesses Get Fokus’d Productions was selected as one of the 50 to give a two-minute pitch about why we deserved the grant before a panel of 10 judges who asked five minutes of questions about the business. Following this process, the applicants were narrowed down to 27 which automatically guaranteed $25,000! Then from there I excelled to one of seven participants guaranteed at least $50,000!

As I stood before an audience of over 300 people at Ignite Buffalo, I received the vote for the People’s Choice Award and it’s with great joy that I announce to you that my company, Get Fokus’d Productions was one of three to receive the $100,000 grant from 43 North.

I am still in shock and utter disbelief of how blessed I am to receive this grant. This award means that Get Fokus’d Productions has the ability to expand our work capturing stories for families, artists, companies and teaching youth in various communities about the magic of photography. I would like to thank 43 North, Facebook, and the other sponsors involved in creating this opportunity for small businesses to share their stories.

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Big Win. Big Work.  

Get Fokus’d.  


Get Fokus'd Productions Owner, Aitina Fareed-Cooke wins CEPA Gallery Members' Exhibition Award

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CEPA Gallery’s 2017 Members’ Exhibition features the photography and photo-related work of some of Western New York’s most talented artists.

CEPA Gallery gives out two awards recognizing those artists who demonstrate an elevated level of artistic maturity and skill in their work. Winners receive a solo exhibit of their work in 2019. We are pleased to announce that our very own, Aitina Fareed-Cooke has been selected to win this years Exhibition Award!