GFP Film Gallery

Young & Fokus'd would like to announce that our next Young & Fokus'd youth highlight is 14-year-old Emeka Wajed. This local (Buffalo NY) young man is an amazing artist/designer who is seriously dedicated to his passion for visual arts.

Summer 2018: Get Fokus'd Productions (GFP) provided the Young Audiences' ArtWorks Apprentices with "Through the Lens" photography programming that utilized the camera as a tool to not only teach photography skills but also assist them in developing the knowledge, skills, work habits, and character traits that are critically important to success in collegiate programs, contemporary careers and workplaces in this 21st century and beyond.

June 14, 2018: At Duende at Silo City 191 people gathered to celebrate solar with Let There Be Light International. _ Let There Be Light International was able to raise enough funds to solar-electrify 2 off-grid health clinics in Uganda next month (improving the healthcare of 34,000 people) and 250 vulnerable families will receive safe solar lights, enlightening the lives of 1,350 people!

Young & Fokus'd would like to announce that our next Young & Fokus'd Youth Spotlight is Sehréa N'dayu. Sehréa N'dayu is a 16 year old singer, pianist, writer, producer, and much more. Her 'fokus' and determination inspired us to capture her story and insight on life.

The Soul of an Artist: Arrie

Buffalo Public School: Southside Elementary

Young & Fokus'd would like to announce that our Front & Fokus'd youth highlight for the month of December 2017 is Diamon Williams. This local (Buffalo NY) 17 year old young lady is an amazing artist/animator who is seriously dedicated to her passion for visual arts.

Ashley & Devyn’s Sip & See

Panthfrica: Black Panther Movie Premier - After Party

February 3, 2018: Get Fokus’d Productions showcased the photographic work of a group of students who participated in the Adventures in BLK & WHT program at Bennett High School's Saturday Academy.

Kyle's Gifts from Heaven

Young Fokus'd Fokus'd Professional: Justin Barker (Cuts by Jay)

YNF: Wise Words - Seek Knowledge

Young & Fokus'd - Front & Fokus'd Spotlight: Stephen Forman Jr.

Young & Fokus'd: Fokus'd Professional - Edreys Wajed

Buffalo Public Schools - Community Schools Video

"I like to fokus on the details, the little things that are sometimes forgotten. Put those things in fokus so that they are noticed. I captured nature in its truth. No poses just candid. Real life. The beauty. The soul. In Fokus". -Aitina Fareed-Cooke

The Art of Motherhood: Gaitrie's Story

Young & Fokus'd - Front & Fokus'd Spotlight: Kaylene's Story

Young Audiences: NYSCA YA Work Sample