We all have a story.

“When fokus’d through the lens, each story is frozen and contained so that our hearts can slow dance with our memories.”

Get Fokus’d Productions is dedicated to capturing project-based stories through the lens, teaching youth about the magic of freezing time, and giving back to the next generation of creatives.

So simply put we…

Capture. Teach. Give Back. 

Promise & Kadence at Glen Falls_25.jpg


Get Fokus’d Productions (GFP) captures project based stories through photography and commercial film. For more information click below.



Get Fokus’d Productions takes a hands-on approach to teaching, utilizing digital cameras and iPads. Students learn the basic elements of photography and creative writing as an outlet for artistic expression. For more information click below.



Birthed under Get Fokus’d Productions, the Young and Fokus’d movement is a source of information that educates, uplifts, motivates, encourages, and promotes youth and young adults who display dedication, perseverance, and “fokus” in their academics’ arts and or their community. For more information click below.


Get Fokus’d Productions (GFP) strives high to give opportunities to youth and young adults within the community. GFP gives young aspiring photographers hands-on experiences by including them in contracted work as paid Apprentices. Also, a portion of a clients investment in GFP services supports our Young & Fokus'd movement where we find youth who are dedicated and driven to achieving their goals, highlight them through photography and film and provide them with the tools and resources to assist them on their journey towards success.