“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.” – Shirley Chisholm

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The Young and Fokus’d movement was birthed under Get Fokus’d Productions in order to be a source that educates, uplifts, motivates, encourages, and promotes youth and young adults who display dedication, perseverance, and “focus” in their academics, arts in their community.

We believe that by promoting their artistic abilities through the Young and Fokus’d movement we motivate students to perfect their craft and inspire other young people around them to do the same. Young and Fokus’d highlights stories of young people in the urban context who represent a generation of creators across art disciplines impacting the culture with their art.

 The above image are sneakers that were designed by 14-year-old Emeka Wajed.   CLICK HERE   to learn more about Emeka.

The above image are sneakers that were designed by 14-year-old Emeka Wajed. CLICK HERE to learn more about Emeka.

Seeking to reverse the narrative of “troubled youth” in urban and sometimes neglected neighborhoods, we inspire them to write their own narrative through their talent. Our heart beats for young people in the urban areas of the city who get overshadowed by the sometimes turbulent landscape around them.

When Get Fokus’d Productions cultivates and invests in young artists we validate their place in the world. The stroke of a pen, a brush of paint on a canvas or sketch on a notepad are all expressions of the artists’ heart. Artists convey their raw emotions, vivid imaginations, and connection to their surroundings through their art. 


Young & Fokus’d Highlights

Sehréa N'dayu is a 16 year old singer, pianist, writer, producer, and much more. Her 'fokus' and determination inspired us to capture her story and insight on life. (Buffalo NY)

Stephen Forman Jr is a 15 year old young man who is an artist who has been dedicated to his passion for visual arts probably since preschool!!

Diamon Williams is a 17 year old young lady who is an amazing artist/animator who is seriously dedicated to her passion for visual arts.

Join us in celebrating our very own Buffalo teen Kaylene Adams who is our 1st Young & Fokus'd Spotlight in our Front & Fokus'd series. Kaylene is a teenage make-up artist! We felt that her dedication, perseverance, and 'fokus' in her business endeavors deserved notice!


Young & Fokus’d Professional Highlights

We recognize Justin Barker (Master Barber) / Cuts by Jay from Buffalo NY for his dedication and commitment to his craft and community. Justin is an great example of 'fokus' and professionalism, for our youth.
Young & Fokus'd would like to present Edreys Wajed. A world class artist who resides in Buffalo NY. We wanted to capture him in his element - art. Check out the Young & Fokus'd: Fokus'd Professional highlight where he shares inspirational words of encouragement while working on The Freedom Wall.

Be patient with us as we work on updating this page with more information on how you can get involved with this movement!