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8 regular people.

8 extraordinary stories of perseverance.

Experience the Warrior stories below.

Through The Lens Warriors: Neriah

Neriah’s Story

After 3 miscarriages and giving birth to a still born, Andrew & Meagan welcome a preemie at 24 weeks old.

Through The Lens Warriors: Amanda

Amanda’s Story

After being told she would never have children, then being being diagnosed with breast cancer, Amanda found peace in bike riding.

Through The Lens Warriors: Jason

Jason’s Story

After facing verbal abuse at home as a child, several suspensions, losing his best friend to murder during the 7th grade Jason found hope through the performing arts.

Through The Lens Warriors: Lateyfah

Lateyfah’s Story

After dealing with verbal abuse as a child and throughout her adulthood, Lateyfah found purpose through fostering youth.

Through The Lens Warriors: Antwan

Antwan’s Story

After years of addiction, living homeless and being incarcerated, Antwan found purpose in helping youth through workforce development.

Through The Lens Warriors: David

David’s Story

While serving in Afghanistan, David and his troops were surrounded by Taliban. Using what he was taught in training he was able to neutralize the enemy and bring his soldiers home safely.

Through The Lens Warriors: Jeremy

Jeremy’s Story

After serving as a Special Forces soldier in the United States Marine Corps, Jeremy decided to give back through training youth and adults to persevere through fitness obstacles.

Through The Lens Warriors: Stephen

Stephen’s Story

Given up at birth, adopted by an all-white family, abducted, raped, all before reaching the 5th grade, Stephen turned to Culinary Arts and Pastoring to find worth.