The Heart Behind the Movement.

Seeking to reverse the narrative of “troubled youth” in urban and sometimes neglected neighborhoods, we inspire them to write their own narrative through their talent. Our heart beats for young people in the urban areas of the city who get overshadowed by the sometimes turbulent landscape around them.


“I was labeled “a failure to thrive” due to the circumstances that I was born into. However due to the community, youth programs, activities, mentors, and many financial supporters of such programs, I was given a chance. With this chance I was given hope. And today I stand as a wife, mother, business woman, teaching artist, and a positive leader within my community. An opportunity was given and the narrative was reversed. Here I stand with a passion to give that same support to other youth for the sake of our community. To build another generation of positive leaders who can continue a culture of “Give Back”. - Aitina Fareed-Cooke (Owner of Get Fokus’d Productions)