Young & Fokus’d Highlight Videos.

Sehréa N'dayu is a 16 year old singer, pianist, writer, producer, and much more. Her 'fokus' and determination inspired us to capture her story and insight on life. (Buffalo NY)

Stephen Forman Jr is a 15 year old young man who is an artist who has been dedicated to his passion for visual arts probably since preschool!!

Diamon Williams is a 17 year old young lady who is an amazing artist/animator who is seriously dedicated to her passion for visual arts.

Join us in celebrating our very own Buffalo teen Kaylene Adams who is our 1st Young & Fokus'd Spotlight in our Front & Fokus'd series. Kaylene is a teenage make-up artist! We felt that her dedication, perseverance, and 'fokus' in her business endeavors deserved notice!


Young & Fokus’d Professional Highlights

We recognize Justin Barker (Master Barber) / Cuts by Jay from Buffalo NY for his dedication and commitment to his craft and community. Justin is an great example of 'fokus' and professionalism, for our youth.
Young & Fokus'd would like to present Edreys Wajed. A world class artist who resides in Buffalo NY. We wanted to capture him in his element - art. Check out the Young & Fokus'd: Fokus'd Professional highlight where he shares inspirational words of encouragement while working on The Freedom Wall.