Emeka Wajed

November 2018 Youth Highlight

Meet 14-Year-Old Emeka Wajed



“I’m really just a cartoonist without an outlet and then when I find it..... sparks fly...”

-Emeka Wajed

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Explain the heart behind your passion.


My parents always told me I should have a vision, so I took that to heart. Basically this dream of mine started as early as 6th grade. I thought of a way to make my life successful outside of school. I decided to take advantage of the technology we have today by using instagram and other social media platforms to get well known and recognized in my area for my talent and designs.

“I always knew how to draw, so I decided to put that to use.”
— Emeka Wajed

I decided to come up with a business around custom sneaker design. The funny thing is my parents told me a story where I was only at the age of three when I handed out my first business card. My parents ran a business and art gallery that I spent a lot of time in from age 1 to 4 years old drawing lots of pictures on paper even on walls. I always knew how to draw, so I decided to put that to use. I picked up a pair of all grey vans when I was in 8th grade and I drew what came to my mind. People commented on how cool they were and it all grew from there.

What challenges do you face in this current moment that causes barriers to your growth as a young artist?

Time is the biggest obstacle. I have to practice at managing my time better between enjoying being a teenager, school work and time drawing on shoes and sneakers. 


How will you impact the community with your art?

My parents (Edreys & Alexa) have involved me with their organizations where they donate and raise money, clean up the community, and run successful sneaker and sock drives. Soon I hope to lead these on my own in however the community needs my help.


What resources, tools, or items do you need in order to take your art to the next level?


Iwata airbrush kit

Allows for smoother and even application of paint over wide surfaces of the shoe, giving it a more professional look and finish.

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Angelus Direct: Complete Collector Edition Kit (27 Colors)

An endorsement or sponsorship with the premier leather and multi-purpose paint company may gain more connections, clients and followers.


Celebrity or social media influencers and clients.

Marketing exposure that can possibly grow my reach and visibility with my craft to create broader connections in the sneaker and design industry. 

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