Sehréa N'dayu

July 2018 Youth Highlight

Meet Sehréa N’dayu



“I love to sing, that’s my passion.”

-Sehréa N’dayu

“I like to infuse what I see in my art.”
— Sehrá N'dayu

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Explain the heart behind your passion.

I not only love to sing and write but just create in general in order to express myself , inspire others and manifest wealth.


What challenges do you face in this current moment that causes barriers to your growth as a young artist?

School tends to get in the way of my natural creative process and a space for young people to just be free to create would be great.

How will you impact the community with your art?

Writing songs and performing to bring understanding and healing to the community.


What resources, tools, or items do you need in order to take your art to the next level?

None that I can think of currently

Sehréa’s being humble…. LOL

Perhaps studio time or a new microphone would be beneficial for this rising musician!