Diamon Williams

December 2017 Youth Highlight

Meet Diamon Williams



“There is a little great about everybody… and that little greatness… you gotta put that out there.”

-Diamon Williams

“The imprint that I want to leave is that I did good and I made people feel good.”
— Diamon Williams


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Explain the heart behind your passion.

I mainly create for creations sake. every idea deserves fruition. no matter how aggravating or tireless it feels to make something. You have no idea who your art can touch.


What challenges do you face in this current moment that causes barriers to your growth as a young artist?

Quite personally and specifically I don’t have a tablet pen at the moment. you never really realize how many ideas and projects you can hash out until the outlet is absolutely out of grasp.


How will you impact the community with your art?

My answers have been vague and unrelating so far but honestly in this day and age I really hope to inspire people. either to start doing creative things despite insecurity or inexperience, Or to continue on their path no matter how daunting it is. a lot of people are on their last legs of hope. there’s a lot of things that spark hope, I feel, and one of those ways is to make something. To draw something, write something, make a song, a movie, anything! Bring any idea no matter how small or unplanned into fruition just for the sake of it. You might be surprised by its effect. 


What resources, tools, or items do you need in order to take your art to the next level?


Adobe Creative Cloud

I feel a significantly sort of roadblock for me is not having a proper animation program. I’m patient and stubbornly loyal to my current 5-frames-per-file program but if I buckle down and try to learn how to work a real program I’d not only be able to get more done but I’d be able to transition more seamlessly once I get a job in the industry. I should also dip my toes in 3-D programs. No matter how much I’m favorable of traditional, 3-D animation’s really taking the stage today. And I gotta admit, it’s really pushing the medium.

College Financial Support

College tuition would be a extremely essential tool for my future success! Without the worry of paying for my education I can focus my intellect on creating true inspirational and moving artwork! Who knows! I might redefine technique! The art medium as a whole! Just imagine! That is if I get into college.