Stephen Forman Jr.

October 2017 Youth Highlight

Meet Stephen Forman Jr.



“My passion is in art so I practice my craft each and everyday.”

-Stephen Forman Jr.

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“I stay fokus’d by knowing the end goal, knowing my motive on how I want to finish a project”
— Stephen Forman Jr.

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Explain the heart behind your passion.

The heart and story behind my passion is to honor Jesus Christ and to guide my community back to Christ through illustrations and stories.

What challenges do you face in this current moment that causes barriers to your growth as an artist?

The biggest challenge I currently face is procrastination from prioritizing and getting my projects completed.


How will you impact the community with your art?

I plan to effect my community with my art by saturating my art with morals anybody can learn from so they can start to change their mindset about how they perceive the world.


What resources, tools, or items do you need in order to take your business to the next level?

A writing utensil, paper, and an idea.

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