Kaylene Adams

January 2017 Youth Highlight

Meet Kaylene Adams



“I like the idea of enhancing people’s beauty”

-Kaylene Adams

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Explain the heart behind your passion.

Enhancing ones beauty and making them feel more confident gives me joy! Knowing I can make kids, women, even men feel brand new whether it’s with a facial, waxing, makeup, eyelash extensions, and face paint, keeps me going.

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What challenges do you face in this current moment that causes barriers to your growth as a business owner?

Being a young business owner is truly a blessing but there is barriers. People who older and business owners as well, will underestimate you, leave you out, but you have to prove them wrong and keep going and be confident in your work and business. 


How will you impact the community with your art?

A mentor/older friend of mine, Kelly Diane, says “When I die, I will die empty”. I will not stop spreading art, making people feel and look amazing until I know I have made a huge impact. I will also show young people, like myself, that if you want to do something, put your mind to it and it will manifest. 

What resources, tools, or items do you need in order to take your business to the next level?

Business Mentors

It’s always helpful to surround myself by business owners so I can learn and understand what it takes to run a business. 

Fellow Beauticians

I love when beauticians can come together and thrive! I love learning new techniques from them and returning the favor. Also being that I do celebrity makeup, it would be amazing if I had a glam squad. 


Support can go a long way! My parents support and motivate me 110% but it takes a village! 

For Make-Up Inquires Contact: bookingwithkay@gmail.com